Job Advice

Our course has been built with employability at its heart. During the third year Professional Practice module, students work with their specialist employability tutor and careers team to develop their portfolios and self promotion, write CVs, practice interview skills and develop their confidence in presentations and dealing with clients. Each student is given bespoke advice, depending on the route they wish to take after University, whether it be setting up a business, working in a studio, overseas opportunities or continuing with their education. The module culminates in a degree show where industry offer interviews, internships and jobs on the spot.


Types of Jobs

Creative Media covers a wide variety of topics and jobs, for example our graduates have succeeded in a variety of careers that include:

Rolls our graduates have succeeded in:
Creative Director
Web Content Designer
Marketing Manager
Advertising Executive
Motion Graphics Designer
Graphic Designer
Video Producer

Job Hunting

Looking to find a job? Check out these specialised websites. Good Luck!

Getting Into the Industry

To get into the industry it is recommended to get work experience and have a great CV. Check out these helpful websites below.

Mandy Logo

Mandy is a website that provides a platform of long term and mainly short term jobs for cast, crew and creative professionals. So it’s great for getting experience in the form of freelancing.

ScreenSkills is a website that provides opportunities to people such as mentoring, bursaries, companies, jobs, events. They also offer advice about how to get into the industry and create a good portfolio.

You can join this Facebook page where people post advice and jobs within the TV industry.

My First Job In TV is a website where you can get advice about getting into the TV industry for the first time.

My First Job In Film is a website where you can advice about getting into the Film industry for the first time.

LinkedIn is a great website for networking, to look for jobs, internships and learn some new software skills.

Take a look at the new jobs being offered within the University.