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Creative Chapters, Chapter One

The Exhibition of Digital Arts by Final Year Creatives

Each December, final year BA Hons Creative Media students exhibit their ‘work in progress’ to offer a taste of their talent and range of creative skills. The event offers an opportunity for our creative industry contacts and Course Community to have an early view of the next set of graduates, the Class of 2022.

The Undercroft, Worcester Cathedral

This year, we are delighted to be exhibiting in the beautiful Undercroft, a fascinating space under the Cathedral in the heart of the city of Worcester, that was formerly the monastic storage rooms. When we first viewed the space, with the stunning arches and original brickwork, historic yet modern, the imagination of the students was sparked and Creative Chapters was born.

Creative Chapters, Chapter One

The exhibition is just Chapter One, there is so much more to follow from these Creatives. Chapter One features an immersive, cold, wintery environment with projections and sound design. Visitors can view students’ showreels and a selection of the photography entered into the Sony World Photography Awards.

Julius Aleksa

My portfolio includes graphic and motion design work that is all about the identity, branding and user experience. For the past five years I have been developing my skills as a designer. Now, I am growing as an art and creative director, working alongside other designers, photographers and managers to bring various creative projects to life.

Chapter One Role: Creative Director

Charlie Beaumont

I have a passion for photography and my aim is to work within the creative industries, primarily focusing on photography to best utilise my creative photographic skills.

Chapter One Role: Lead Photographer

Barbora Blažková

I am an international student from the Czech Republic. I always admired books and their book covers, which is why I decided to specialise in designing my own book covers. I designed book covers for the Vampire Academy book series which was my favourite when I was younger. I would love to work at publishing house as a book cover designer, translator, or an editor.

Chapter One Role: Social Media

Ryan Brewer

I am a Stop Motion Animator and have experience in all mediums of animation and continue to develop my technical knowledge in each new project I undertake. At this point I have created a 1 minute stop motion short film, created a 3D character ready to be animated and have experience in set and puppet construction.

Chapter One Role: Senior Animator


Kacper Kalicinska

I am an illustrator and 2D character animator who’s always shooting for the stars. I also work on character design, storyboards and the like.

Chapter One Role: Sound Designer

Veera Kauppinen

I am a 25 year old Animation student. I am from Rovaniemi, Finland and have a background as an Illustrator. I love storytelling, concept art and character design and would love to work in the animation industry.

Chapter One Role: Projection Animator

Nathan Kennedy

The work I mainly focus on is photography, having always enjoyed this area, and it offers a wide variety of creative outputs. Whenever I come up with any idea I will try and make it come to life through imagery.

Chapter One Role: Feedback Analysis

Ellie Lindop

I have a passion for creativity, communication, and leadership. I am client focused and able to translate ideas into visual concepts. I can analyse competitors and client needs to develop a compelling vision in creative solutions and promotional initiatives. As the Event Manager for this exhibition I have had the opportunity to coordinate project team tasks and resource management, including regular progress meetings and monitoring of milestone dates to provide assurance of success within this show. I hope to move forward into a career where I can develop these skills within the creative industry.

Chapter One Role: Event Manager

Jack Maley

I Animate and Illustrate. I work in 3D, 2D and traditional mediums and always enjoy experimenting with new projects and styles.

Chapter One Role: Sound Designer

Barbara Mocholi Jimenez

My name is Barbara, and I was born in Madrid, Spain. For a long time, I have always been attracted to everything related to post-production, specifically video editing. Since then, I have always been learning and practising new forms and styles of editing, and someday I wish I could find a job where I can show all my creativity and skills as well as be able to share my passion for video editing.

Chapter One Role: Behind The Scenes Video Editor

Chloe Murphy

I am working towards making my break into the entertainment industry. My aim is to be a presenter, but I also enjoy the ideas and development processes and behind the scenes work, which is why I have taken the role as Event Organiser, so I can further develop my learning in this area. I’m excited with the results of the exhibition, seeing everyone’s work come together.

Chapter One Role: Event Organiser

Justin Powell

I have a passion for the post-production editing phase as I truly believe that it is the invisible work of the editors that can truly make a product shine. My future aspiration is to work with an organisation that will not only allow me to display my skills, but to also help me improve as a video editor. 

Ben Simonds-Bedford

I am a passionate student, looking to grow as a professional in the photography industry, with a focus on portraiture. I have been working the last few years to craft my skills to an industry standard, working with my own set of clients and setting up my own projects. I’ve had a very educational experience running my own photography business, allowing me to cover all bases of setting up jobs and prepping for shoots. My long-term goal is to find a company with the same creative direction, where I can grow and develop, all while helping to reach the same goals.

Chapter One Role: Photographer

Florence Rae

My main focus is photography as it is something I am passionate about and hope to pursue in the future.

Chapter One Role: Product Designer

Ira Spiridonova

I am a passionate and hard-working student, looking to develop myself as a professional in the design industry, with a focus on motion design, 2D/ 3D design and VFX. Coming from a design background and continuing my education and currently working in the same field has provided me with a great skillset when it comes to Adobe Creative suite, 3D software, multimedia tools and platforms. The artistic nature of the course has also developed a detail orientated approach to much of my work which you can see in my portfolio.

Chapter One Role: Motion Graphics Designer

Tristan James Weir

I am a passionate and hard-working student, looking to develop myself as a professional in the design industry, I am aiming to work in the film industry either through animation or storyboarding. I am happy to learn and work my way up through the system until I find my ideal job. My long term goal is to become a 2D animator working for a large company such as Pixar, specializing in animation, animatic, or storyboard.

Chapter One Role: Operations Assistant

Maisie Williams

I am a passionate and hard-working student, looking to I enjoy producing a range of media, especially visual effects and motion graphics. I hope to find myself in the industry of visual effects after studying. I would like expand my knowledge within sound and lighting in the music industry.

Chapter One Role: Product Designer

Ottalie Williams

I enjoy creating work with a range of media, particularly visual effects and motion graphics. I would like to explore working with lighting and sound within the music industry.

Chapter One Role: Product Designer

We all look forward to seeing you for the next Chapter! In the meantime if you have any queries, or would like to discuss any opportunities, please contact Helen Holmes, Course Leader at

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