This Time Next Year

Our Open Days and Applicant Events have been virtual this year, but many prospective students have attended and it has been great to chat to so many in our Virtual Classroom.

At this time in March 2021, we are all feeling quite positive and we are looking to the future with optimism. We had a think about our hopes for the next twelve months, the people that we will see again, the events we are going to enjoy, and of course our aims for the new academic year.

It will be interesting to look back at this feature in March 2022 and see how much of this we have achieved!

Helen Holmes, Course Leader

It seemed only fair that I took part as well! I hope that this time next year we will have just returned from our overseas Course trip. I’ve really missed our trip this year, as it’s such a great opportunity to visit design capitals and to experience the culture with our students. I have such happy memories of our trips, especially Amsterdam, which immediately became one of my favourite places in the world. And in my non-University life, I hope that this time next year I will again be able to attend Keane gigs again. You could call me a superfan! They had to cancel their tour of course, so I’m excited that dates are reappearing, and I can start planning my travels to see them again.

this time next year applicant day
Fynn, BA Digital Media Production Applicant

I hope by this time next year that I am able to understand and be able to edit professionally. And by this time next year I hope to be able to explore different places throughout the UK and be able to do this by passing my driving test.

Emma This Time Next Year
Emma, BA Digital Media Production Applicant

With interests in fine art, the media and the English language as well as a creative passion, there are an interesting set of skills which I wish to have mastered by this time next year. Through my current creative studies, I have been experimental with projects which lead to me discovering my greatest areas to be web design, designing print publications and creating online content that targets audiences and meets their needs and interests. Therefore, I hope to be more experimental with my photography and develop this in order to create great content, particularly for online platforms. This year, I have missed my annual trip to London, as the city landscapes, museums and fashion never fails to intrigue me. I particularly enjoy the museums, royal attractions, gardens and parks and was hoping to attend the Versace Museum during the second national lockdown, yet that still remains on my bucket list.

Sienna, BA Digital Media Production Applicant

Something that I hope to have achieved academically by this time next year would be to have the confidence to take more creative risks – really experiment with new tools and bend the “conventional” rules behind media. I’d also like to feel more confident with a camera so I’m able to take these risks. Something personally, I hope to achieve is to go to concerts, I haven’t had the chance to go one yet, and as a former music student that is pretty ironic. Going out for meals with the family is also something I’m looking forward to. My cousin’s wedding was also postponed, so hopefully that will go ahead properly. Here is a picture from my trip to the Eden Project, a place I’d like to go back to by this time next year

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