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2020 Begone, Introducing the Class of 2021

The end of each academic year sees our Degree Show take place, an event that showcases the creative work from students studying Creative Media at the University of Worcester to industry professionals, staff, family and friends. Whilst we still have some time to go before the Summer, all of us in our third year of studying Creative Media wanted to give you a teaser of what is to come for Summer 2021.

Creative Media covers such a vast range of specialities, from photography and content design to motion graphics and videography, to name a few — Creative Media is all about creativity and allows us as students to advance and tailor our skills to fit us as individuals, and prepare us for employment.

As we leave 2020 and move forwards into 2021, take a look at the work of and learn about the next generation of creatives coming out of Worcester. As this is a teaser of what is to come, we’d love to hear your feedback on what you think — don’t forget to follow the Creative Media course on social media to ensure that you don’t miss future updates and the big event in the Summer.

Oliver Beamont

Oliver is a passionate Creative Media student, who is led by his creative mindset. He is always willing to develop his knowledge and skills, which has enabled him to contribute massively to all university and freelance projects. His time at university has enabled him to gain experience with all media types and software. When it came to working on live briefs with clients, it was important to make sure it was delivered on time and to a high standard, with the use of his communication skills, problem-solving, time management and leadership skills, these briefs were carried out efficiently. 

Geneviève Bland

Geneviève Bland is a third-year student of Creative Media combined with Journalism. Her creativity and uniqueness are at the heart of all her work, and her time at University has allowed her to develop key skills such as time management, software proficiencies and communication. Now, concluding her studies she feels enthusiastic about pursuing her master’s degree in photojournalism. With that passion for photography, this degree allowed her to explore broad themes through the variety of briefs she has fulfilled. She has also had the enthusiasm and dedication to drive herself in learning the skills of graphic design, garnering much knowledge on the subject and now works efficiently in producing graphic content for a range of briefs.

Frasier Bohm

Frasier is a graphic designer with a speciality in motion graphics, and a positive outlook on work. They have a good work ethic and customer communication from working for several years in the service industry. They also have good communication as part of a team, which is still practised in their work and social life. They have worked in several live briefs for clients like the NHS, Tiny Toes Tiny Feet, and the University of Worcester, which have progressed their customer communication as well as their organisation and adaptability within projects.

Stefan Chalakov

Stefan is a creative student based in the UK. His knowledge is based on 3D Animation, Videography, Photography, and Graphic design. He wants to learn and gain more experience and make his ideas into reality. Stefan has some experience in Facebook ads design and logo design for big companies. His mindset helping him to create new interesting, creative, and high-quality content. Stefan has knowledge and experience with Adobe Creative Suite alongside 3D software such as Cinema 4D, Blender, and Maya. He is always looking for opportunities to improve himself in every aspect. 

Alex Didcote

Alex’s fascination with all things creative has allowed him to produce ambitious yet well-managed projects over several years. His passion for bringing new ideas to life has pushed him to excel in different fields such as motion graphics, 3D animation, photography, video, and graphic design. 

Advanced knowledge and experience with the Adobe Creative Suite alongside 3D software such as 3DS Max, Blender and Unity have allowed him to achieve a broad skillet set in both practical and theoretical fields. Ambition to master these skills is what has allowed him to effectively adapt, communicate and ensure the production of high-quality work for various clients and projects.

Asher-Kate Fisher

Asher-Kate is a final year Major/Minor Creative Media and Graphic Design student at the University of Worcester. Having taken a year out to study Design in Canada, this has allowed her to gain a wide variety of skills in this medium. During this time, she has developed her time management, organisational and interpersonal skills, which have allowed her to become the confident, creative and driven individual she is today. 

Asher is conversant with Adobe software and takes an interest in branding, photography and videography, whilst continually evolving her skillset in Motion Graphics and Digital Illustration, which she is enthusiastic to learn more about.

Georgie Goode

Georgie has a keen eye for detail and is always looking for the natural beauty around her to capture in her work. With experience in Adobe Creative Suite, Georgie enjoys experimenting with new techniques and alternative creative outlooks. Her skills lie in photography, video direction and creative/content writing and she often takes the lead on creative group projects. Whilst teamwork, communication, time management and research skills are all essential to her work, passion is the key ingredient to her success.

Ali Grimsell

Ali’s main passions include Graphic Design, Photography and Web Design. As a Graphic Design and Creative Media Joint-Honours student, he has managed to widen his knowledge and skills in many ways, gaining lots of experience and allowing him to know which pathways to specialise in. Originally, Ali started at university studying Game Design but having completed year one, decided that he was better suited to artistry.

Throughout university, Ali has developed his skills with Adobe software, answering briefs effectively at a high standard, and communicating to peers and clients alike. He is always enthusiastic to discover further techniques.

Rachael Hunt

Rachael has worked on numerous projects learning new skills in the process to ensure the project is delivered to high quality desired outcomes. In her free time, she loves to experiment, by learning new and practice existing skills using the Adobe Software including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects. She is interested in Graphic Design, Videography, Motion Graphics and Photography. 

From studying at university, she has gained valuable teamwork skills such as communications skills, time management and knowing when to step up to be a team leader to make sure everyone is involved and understand the task at hand. 

Jack Inkson-Frenzel

Jack is a Creative Media student, with a passion for using his creative mind to entertain people, using his skills in animation, film making, motion graphics, photography to create projects. During his time at University Jack has worked on live briefs, with the University nursing students and Springpack, which allowed him to use and improve upon his communication skills. His main interest is film making, from directing down to script writing. His dream is to write and direct films – he wants his work to help educate and leave an impression on the viewers.

Brad Morgan

Brad’s persistence in producing energetic, yet professional collections of work stems from his fascination with design theory and critical thinking. With prior occupational experience in the print industry, Brad’s background in graphic design has assisted him in developing a foundation from which he can evolve his expertise into other mediums  

Consistently improving his craft in multiple areas of design, his focus on versatility has allowed him to assemble an extensive portfolio that accentuates his creative compass. Continuous utilisation with the Adobe Creative Suite, along with a passion for progression and experimentation, has ensured that he is incessantly broadening and mastering his craft. 

Akvile Morkeviciute

Akvile is a creativity-driven student. Combined studies of Creative Media gave her an understanding of creative content management, advertising, skills in Adobe software and different types of photography. She is especially interested in graphic design. Working with clients within the university and local companies made her very enthusiastic to start her career as a freelance graphic designer. She enjoys helping small businesses grow by creating marketing and advertising assets to bring in revenue while implementing all the client’s needs. Even though Akvile already has experience in graphic design, she is always keen to learn and improve herself in different types of media.

Nicholas O’Mahony

Nicholas O’Mahony is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in London and the West Midlands. Nicholas specialises in communication and storytelling, focusing on creative collaboration as a tool for making lasting impacts, encouraging diverse perspectives and stimulating entrepreneurship as part of the sustainable agenda.

Shane Pargetter

Shane is a Coventry born student with an interest in photography and digital and visual art, with a goal to work within the music and creative industry.

At university he has worked independently and in groups on multiple projects that helped develop communication, problem-solving and leadership skills. As a result of this, he can plan and produce work on a professional and creative level.

University and freelance work have helped him gain experience and knowledge in various types of media such as videography, graphic design, motion graphics but he predominantly works with photography, digital art and graphic design.

Ethan Pattemore

Ethan is a digital designer, motion graphics artist and photographer based in Worcester. He has a passion for learning and strives to use his creative license to fix any problem. 

Years of studying design & media have allowed him to experience working within creative teams whilst understanding the importance of self-confidence and when to take on a role of leadership.  

Freelance work and client briefs have also helped him to develop strong skills using industry software, such as the Adobe Suite or Blender, as well as the ability to deliver high-quality work on any given timeframe.

Radvilė Talačkaitė

Radvile has an insatiable level of curiosity and tendency to do lots of research in graphic design and photography area. She is skilled in Creative Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, XD and Dimension). She is empathic about political, economic and environmental dilemmas around the globe. Radvile seeks for further education and work experience to sharpen her critical thinking and strengthen technical skills. Currently, she is working as a Visual Communication Officer at DHL Shire Park and as a Digital Marketing Executive at Surya Photos. Work experience gave an insight into the diversity of employees, improved skill set in graphic design, photography, and marketing. 

Becky Turner

Becky is a third year joint Creative Media and Graphic Design student. Over her 3 years at the University, she has developed her time management, communication skills, knowledge and abilities in software and equipment. She has had experience throughout her course working with real world clients, which has helped to develop her skills to understand how she will be expected to work within the industry. She specialises in Graphic Design and Photography – the knowledge from these areas has helped her when learning videography and digital illustration. Within the course she has gained further knowledge in Adobe Creative Software.

Richard Waterworth

Richard has a passion for video and photography, having gained experience with professional tools and practices such as photography and videography as well as Adobe Creative Cloud through freelance work and online video production. He has a willingness to learn and develop additional skills in a creative professional environment. 

His time spent working on university and freelance projects has allowed him to gain leadership and communications skills. Developing these skills ensured he can work, alongside peers, to and maintain a schedule to overcome and solve problems that could arise to deliver a project on time and to a high standard. 

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