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We’ve taken our Degree Show 2020 Online!

Our ‘Lockdown’ Story – The Class of 2020

I’m so proud to have worked with our Class of 2020, to see them develop over the last three years and to help them prepare for employment in the creative industries. Each of our soon-to-be graduates are individual in their range of skills and creative specialisms – from content designers to photographers, videographers to motion graphics designers, creative directors to sound designers. I’m looking forward to following their careers in the years to come, and to welcome them back as alumni.

Our Degree Show

The highlight of the end of the final year is undoubtedly the Degree Show, where industry, staff, family and friends gather to view students’ work and to celebrate their creativity. We were well into our preparations for this year’s Degree Show, when we found ourselves quickly and unexpectedly in lockdown and unable to hold our planned Show. The students really showed their professionalism and adaptability by stepping up their plans and embracing the opportunity to take the Show online and adopt the campaign to purely digital.

Future Vision

The original concept was to create a neon inspired cityscape, building a physical ‘future vision’ of Worcester, with interactive light and soundscapes, projection mapping, and shop-like displays for each student to present their work within. Following the move to lockdown, the students adapted their plans to build a website, using the future vision concept as a base, and each produced a digital showreel. As part of their final year Professional Practice module, we had been working on personal promotion, including individual online portfolios and social media pages, so these were linked from the website. A two-week digital campaign including video and motion graphics, student profiles and a countdown gathered momentum daily, counting down to the launch of the website at 3pm on 15 May, the original date that had been planned for the physical Show.

We would be delighted if you would spend some time looking through our students’ work and interacting with us via our comments form below, or social media.

West Mercia Police campaign #UncoverYourPotential by Isobel Barnsley

Isobel Barnsley

Izzie enjoys the fast-paced working nature of digital media. Her interests lie in social media and content management, together with a passion for photography. Izzie’s work with West Mercia and Warwickshire Police in the #UncoverYourPotential campaign has ensured her work has been seen internationally. She is looking to work in the industry creating successful campaigns and engaging content.

Takeaway coffee cup
designs for Wayland’s Yard by Meescha Bhamra

Meescha Bhamra

Meescha’s specialisms are graphic design and photography. Meescha’s design work is being used for the new takeaway coffee cups for Wayland’s Yard in both the Worcester and the Birmingham stores. This was her favourite project. She also caught the eye of Andrew Grant Estate Agent, for her work on their online magazine concepts. Meescha looks forward to working in the creative industry, creating brand assets and further developing her skills across multiple media.

Andrew Grant Online Magazine CoverAGe by Shakela Brown

Shakela Brown

Shakela’s key interest is investigating the influence of creative content in corporate identity and brand. Shakela particularly excelled in industry briefs including the #UncoverYourPotential Police campaign which has international impact and the Andrew Grant Estate Agent digital magazine. Shakela is looking forward to further developing her digital and print-based skills, in the creative industry.

Shakela Brown Portfolio

Colour Run, St Richard’s Hospice by Liam Browne

Liam Brown

Liam is motivated by the ever-changing nature of the creative industries and producing engaging material for clients. His creative content for the St Richard’s Hospice Colour Run and the promotional material for Men’s Cricket at University of Worcester demonstrated his talent. Liam looks forward to expanding his portfolio in photography and videography and further study for his MA in Creative Media next year.

International Office Gift Bags by George Cabuz

George Cabuz

George has a passion for visual storytelling through illustration: print-based and digital, still and animated. He enjoys exploring experimental methods within a variety of media. George worked on a live brief for the International Office at the University of Worcester, to design a range of corporate giftware packaging, which will be used all over the world. George intends to set up his own business and work freelance to create enticing and unique visuals for a variety of clients.

Wayland’s Yard Coffee Cup Design by Anastasio Eleftheriou

Anastasio Eleftheriou

Anastasio is driven by the flexibility and the variety of mediums within the creative industries. Although his main focus is animated media, his skills in photography and graphic design feed into his creativity. Anastasio excels when using his skills to work harmoniously in a group. Anastasio’s coffee cup design was taken through to production by Wayland’s Yard Coffee Shop, chosen for its energy and vibrancy.

Mind and Hearts Charity branding by Emma Ensor

Emma Ensor

Emma has a passion for developing creative projects across the wide spectrum of digital media, with photography and animation among her key skills. Emma particularly enjoys working on branding and advertising, and worked with Worcestershire Royal Hospital to develop a new brand with a range of print-based and digital outputs for a new charity.

Fantastic Mr Fox Screenshot by Niall Higham

Niall Higham

Niall enjoys experimenting with multimedia to push his creativity and explore ideas. His proudest achievement is the production of a short animation based on the story of Fantastic Mr Fox, made from hand drawn scenes and tactile, paper-based layers. Niall’s career goal is to develop a unique digital content service utilising his combination of skills in web, animation and design.

Dog’s Eye Portrait by Ellie Maynor

Ellie Mayner

Over the last six years, Ellie has developed a professional photography business. Her passion for the equine world and photography has combined to capture precious moments with pets, horses and capturing equestrian sporting events. Equipped with strong skills behind the camera and in editing software, Ellie has further developed the business by photographing birthday parties, proms and newborn babies, for a variety of clients. She hopes to work for a photography studio.

Colour Run by Tiffney Manning

Tiffney Manning

Tish’s main focus is photography and film. During her studies she worked as Videographer and Photographer for the Students’ Union, working collaboratively with the University Communications Team. Tish particularly excels in team work and enjoyed capturing events to be used across multiple media channels. The live client work has given her invaluable experience of the creative industry workplace.

Light Night by Jamie Shoker

Jamie Shoker

Jamie’s passion and skills lie in videography and photography. He enjoys capturing live events, such as the recent Light Night in Worcester city centre. Jamie has a natural talent for making music videos and promotional material for a variety of clients. He intends to pursue a career in freelance photography and videography, collaborating with prestigious clients.

Men’s Mental Health Campaign by Petra Sobotkova

Petra Sobotkova

Petra is inspired by work that will create an impact, from tackling men’s mental health through a clothing brand, to working with the Police on their #UncoverYourPotential campaign, which highlighted the importance of women on the Force. Meaningful projects drive Petra. As well as creative direction, Petra has a natural talent in liaising with clients and excellent camera and editing skills. She looks forward to utilising all her talents, working in the creative industries.

Worcestershire Royal Hospital Delivery Suite by Gabija Svedaite

Gabija Svedaite

Gabi is interested in marketing psychology within Digital Media. Through live briefs with several clients, her specialism have moved towards motion graphics, but she has also developed her skills in photography, graphic design, videography and sound editing, making her a well-rounded designer. Gabi’s work with the Worcestershire Royal Hospital Delivery Suite was very well received and she hopes to work on more motion graphics projects within the creative industries.

Gabija Svedaite Portfolio

The Sound of Coffee by Andrew Wheatcroft

Andrew Wheatcroft

Andrew has a fascination with sound, experimenting with foley to create sound effects and soundscapes, as well as developing music. Photography, videography and video editing are skills he also utilises. Andrew produced a design that is now in production, for the new takeaway coffee cups for Wayland’s Yard Coffee Shop, based on an innovative idea around the sound of coffee. Andrew will be taking an MA in Creative Media next year before entering the world of work.

Andrew Wheatcroft Portfoli andukebox

Urban Fitness by Emily Williams

Emily Williams

Emily is a well-rounded designer with abilities in video and sound design as well as a range of software skills. She specialises in branding, advertising and web assets, having worked with a number of local clients, including Urban Fitness in Worcester. Emily hopes to work in the creative industry to further develop her skills.

Emily Williams Portfolio

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