Creative Media Graduates: Motion Graphics Designer, Georgi Chalakov

This is the first in a series of videos profiling BA Hons Creative Media alumni. Georgi Chalakov graduated in 2017 and is now a Motion Graphics Designer at DRPG.

BA Hons Creative Media graduate Georgi Chalakov is available to watch on YouTube.

If you’re unable to watch the video above, it has been transcribed below.

Can you give us some information about yourself and what you do?

Hi, my name is Georgi Chalakov. I’m a Motion Graphics Designer here at DRPG. DRPG is a creative agency and we do videos and events for our clients.

Why did you choose the University of Worcester?

I studied at the University of Worcester and my degree was Creative Media. I’m originally from Bulgaria and I used to live in our capital Sofia which is the biggest town in the country.

The University of Worcester invites a lot of people of different cultures from different countries which is just amazing to get different perspectives from people all around the world. Worcester is super friendly and it’s really relaxed and generally a nice town.

Why did you choose Creative Media?

I chose Creative Media because it fits all that I was interested in. I studied photography, graphic design, sound design and all of these combined into what my passion is right now, which is motion graphics.

How did the University of Worcester help with your employment?

The University of Worcester was able to help with my employment with the Degree Show which I find an amazing opportunity to showcase your work for different companies to see. I ended up meeting the creative director for our graphics team and we went for a little chat.

The Worcester Degree Show allowed Georgi to display his work and meet industry professionals.

He liked what I was doing at the time so he got me here for an interview. So here I met my Creative Director and my Manager – a month later I started working here.

What does Creative Media give you?

Creative Media just gives you a diversity of choice that you have to study lots of different things, find your passion and just go for it.

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