Creative Media Graduates: Our International Wedding Photographers

This is the second in a series of videos profiling BA Hons Creative Media alumni. Sophie Smith and Sophie Knight graduated together in 2018 and started their joint business producing Wedding Photography and Video in the UK and Canada.

University Of Worcester – Alumni Interview – Wedding Photographers is available to watch on Youtube.

If you’re unable to watch the video above, it has been transcribed below.

How did you two come together on the Course?

Sophie Smith – We bonded really well in the sense that we had the same interests and passions for photography and film, in which we progressed further into starting our own business together.

Tell us a little about your Wedding business.

Sophie Smith – Our business is quite diverse, we do anything from Weddings to new-born photography to Christenings.

Sophie Knight – Our business has taken us, not only in the UK, but we’ve also done two weddings in Canada. That makes it a lot more fun and interesting than just doing weddings, we can also have holidays out of it and travel at the same time.

What did you enjoy most about the Creative Media Course?

Sophie Knight – What I enjoyed most about the Course were the people and the lecturers. I felt like everybody was a family at the University, if you were struggling there was always somebody you could turn to and the support was incredible.

Why did you choose Creative Media?

Sophie Knight – I chose Creative Media as a Course because I think it offered a lot more scope than just doing one limited course; I really like Photography, Videography and Graphic Design but if you just chose one, well, you’re limited to what you can do and I think this Course gave me more scope to do what I wanted.

What about the Course helped you in your own business?

Sophie Smith – On the Course, I used a wide range of equipment which allowed me to narrow down what works best for me. This really helped me when starting my own business because I knew what equipment I needed.

Credit: Wedding Photography by Sophie Knight and Sophie Smith.

Are you still in contact with the Creative Media staff?

Sophie Smith – A year on, it’s great to see that the lecturers are still interested in seeing how I and Sophie are running our business and it’s nice to know we’ve made friends with the lecturers here at the University of Worcester.

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