Wayland’s Yard: Coffee Cup Design

Industry briefs offer students invaluable opportunities

Each year students have the opportunity to work on live industry briefs, which help them to build confidence and identify their strengths, in a safe environment with the support of their lecturer. Not only does this offer an insight into a professional working environment, it also produces real portfolio work which is invaluable when applying for jobs and to discuss at interview. Key skills such as team work, time management, idea generation, presentation and working to criteria are vital in the live brief process.


Credit: Anthony Hunt – BA Hons Creative Digital Media final year students, with Lecturers Steve Waldron, Dr Paul Hazell and Helen Holmes, and Head of School David Broster

Designer Beans

During their Professional Practice module, the third year students worked on a brief set by Wayland’s Yard, a Worcester and Birmingham busy coffee shop, creating a new and unique design for their takeaway coffee cups. This involved the creation of 3D designs that worked within the coffee shop’s corporate identity – colour scheme, typography and tone of voice. Each student presented their concepts to the client, and three designs were chosen. Congratulations to Anastasio Eleftheriou, Meescha Bhamra and Andrew Wheatcroft, who’s work is currently being printed.

The project was formally launched at an event at Wayland’s Yard, called Designer Beans in December 2019. Students showcased their work to the public and gained feedback.

Credit: Helen Holmes, images captured of students and our clients at Wayland’s Yard

Andrew, a passionate third year sound design specialist, had a unique take on this brief, choosing to make the brief his own. After many meetings discussing alternative ideas, Andrew created a sound piece exclusively for the use of Waylands Yard. With the use of foley sound and high-tech recording equipment, he created a song – “sounds of making coffee” and then applied the sound waves to his 3D coffee cup design.

“This brief allowed me to use my strengths, thinking outside the box, to create something unique and relevant to me, whist working within a professional environment.”

Andrew Wheatcroft
Credit: Andrew Wheatcroft, the Sounds of Making Coffee

The students and staff have really enjoyed working with Wayland’s Yard and first year students are now working on an online campaign.

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