Third Year Professional Practice Portfolio Reviews

Our Professional Practice final year module prepares students for their future careers by teaching them all the skills they will need to enter the world of work. We firstly determine each individual’s route to employment, then develop portfolios, design personal promotion, gain confidence in interview skills, write CVs and make links with design and media networks and clients. The module culminates in the Degree Show, where the creative industry view students’ work and many soon-to-be graduates are offered interviews, internships or jobs on the spot.

Each year in the first semester, we run a portfolio review workshop, inviting back a recent graduate to view students’ work and advise on content, whilst offering tips of how they got their first job and their experience of the industry so far.

Beth Derbidge was offered an interview and short internship in May 2019, following Degree Show, with Nifty Communications, a PR and Marketing Agency. The internship went so well that she was offered the role of Creative Executive. Beth came in to our module to help the Class of 2020 with their portfolios and talked about the wide range of work she now covers, and the confidence she had gained in such a short time. Our students found Beth’s tips and advice an invaluable addition to this module’s learning.

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