Lisbon, a new perspective through my camera

Immersing in Portuguese culture

This year’s trip abroad took 15 students and 3 lecturers into the busy city of Lisbon, Portugal. Common for our creative trips, we spent our time visiting museums, design studios and immersing ourselves in the Portuguese culture.

Although I had visited Portugal many times before, I decided to use this opportunity to gain a new outlook on travel and culture. Previously going aboard had always been about hotels, beaches, sunshine and all you can eat buffets, however this time I entered the experience actively looking for cultural differences and creative inspiration. I lavished any opportunity to try something new and make the absolute most of my time there.

I enjoy photography as a hobby so this was a great opportunity to gain a new perspective through the camera.

Photos taken at Oceanário de Lisboa. Credits: Georgie Goode

For me, being taken out of the education setting I was used to, whilst still being with creative students and lecturers, and placed into a completely different environment, I noticed many new elements of design and creativity in every day life. I took inspiration from everything, even areas that I had not previously been interested in. From street art and architecture to new culinary experiences, everything seemed so new and unfamiliar even though I’ve seen it so many times before.

Photo Credits: Jack Mackenzie

Of course, you can’t visit Portugal and not find a beach to bask in the sun. Although during March it tends to be mostly cloudy, I managed to catch a few rays.

Portuguese beach. Credits: Georgie Goode

Whether you’re a student genuinely interested in foreign culture, language or design, or you simply need a few days away from your every day life and out of your comfort zone, the Creative Media trips will never disappoint.

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