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Our Degree Show 2019

Students are offered jobs in the creative industries as a result of the Degree Show.

Each year during May, our final year Creative Media students display their work in their Degree Show. This is a great opportunity for our latest cohort of designers and media producers to show their range of work to the creative industries, as well as celebrating with their friends and families. Each year a number of our students are snapped up with job offers from agencies such as DRPG, the largest media creative communications agency in the Midlands

“The degree show was an amazing opportunity to showcase your work for different companies to see.”

Georgi Chalakov, graduate 2017 –

Students start their own businesses

In 2019, three of our students Michael Dicken, Conor Kemp and Matthew Williams, won the Rhodius Design Award, awarded at the Degree Show. They had worked together in their Professional Practice module to develop an entrepreneurial media production business Helix Media, building a sports client base, making motion graphics, video and live streaming services.

Credit: Helix Media

“It’s worth the stress in the end I promise!”

– Frencesca Hrizenko –

Interview with Francesca Hrienko: 2019 Graduate & Social Media Creative at Gtech

Q: How were you involved with the Degree Show?

A: I was in the group doing the photography – we organised and shot everyone’s photos for the Degree Show booklet. I also played my role in discussing ideas for the show, helping towards making it happen!

Q: What were you hoping to get out of it, and did you get what you wanted?

A: I was looking forward to seeing everyone’s exhibits and equally looking forward to presenting my work and getting feedback. I was also curious to see whether any businesses would take my business card and contact me for work. This did happen but the work offered was unpaid work experience and at that point this wasn’t what I was looking for. Overall though it was a really great experience!

Q: What was the theme of the show?

A: The overall theme included different shapes and colours to represent each subject. I was part of Creative Digital Media which was the orange circle, to tie in with our black and white boards, with gold highlights.

Q: How were you involved in the creation / set up of the show?

A: We all took part in setting up the show, painting our boards and helping each other out. Team work was important!

Q: Do you know what job opportunities and agencies where present for the show?

A: I don’t remember specific names but many people and businesses visited throughout the time the show was open and I believe lots of business cards were taken from lots of people! A number of these led to interviews and jobs.

Q: Where are you working now?

A: I’m working at Gtech in the role of Social Media Creative. My job is to create social media content for the company, which can vary from lots of different things including creating promotional videos, writing copy and doing various photography. I recently got to go to London for a few days to shoot a behind the scenes video on a TV commercial we were filming, so it’s a fun job.

Q: How did you get to where you are now? Did the university help?

A: My Course definitely helped me get to where I am as it gave me the opportunity to try lots of different things and subsequently discover what I wanted to do for a job.I did a live brief module in my final year in which I decided to try out social media content creation for a coffee shop in Worcester. This led to me doing lots of other freelance work in this field, gathering more clients, which then eventually led on to me getting this full time job creating content at Gtech. Also there’s lots of practical aspects to my job where I think to myself how my Course helped me. For example, I’m often in the photo studio at work, where I will be using techniques that I learned in my second year Studio Photography module with lecturer Dr Paul Hazell. Also, I’m having to use Premiere Pro / After Effects a lot and I wouldn’t have a clue what I was doing if it wasn’t for Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Lecturer Steve Waldron, so pass on my thanks (haha)!

Credit: Above – Degree Show 2019 website designed by final year students

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